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    Green Notebook from the Côte-d'Or 

    It might be a bit of a surprise for some readers that I am writing this notebook from the wine country to the north of Beaune, not quite in the Côte de Nuits, but not far away either. It’s wine snob heaven and I’ve been staying in a rather precious sort of joint where they were taken abac... [Continue reading]

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    Vettel confirmed at Racing Point

    Racing Point has confirmed that Sebastian Vettel will be joining the team next year - when it will be rebranded as Aston Martin - for a multi-year contract. It has been clear for a long time that the team's statements about keeping Sergio Perez were hollow and not to be taken at face value, and the announce... [Continue reading]

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    Perez leaving Racing Point

    Sergio Perez has announced he is leaving Racing Point at the end of the season. It is expected that Sebastian Vettel will join the team, which will become Aston Martin next year. It is a logical move for Aston Martin as Vettel is a global brand in his own right and will bring extra focus to the team, although s... [Continue reading]

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    Green Notebook from Virgilio

    Virgilio is, according to legend, the birthplace of the Roman poet Virgil. But that was not why I ended up in the village. That was pure chance.In fact the whole visit was down to luck.   I made no plans at all for the days after the Italian Grand Prix. I had to get a Russian visa sorte... [Continue reading]

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    Simon Roberts is Williams acting Team Principal

    Williams Racing had announced that Simon Roberts will be Acting Team Principal during the transition that follows Claire Williams stepping down. Roberts joined the team as managing director of Formula 1 earlier this year. Simon is a very capable individual who has been involved in F1 for 17 years... [Continue reading]

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    Six hours after the race

    The Italian GP was a wild one, winning Pierre Gasly scoring an extraordinary victory for Scuderia AlphaTauri We look back at the role of Williams in F1 We analyse where Lewis is We explain engine modes We remember Jochen Rindt We keep up with the racing in ... [Continue reading]

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    Green notebook from the Hautes Fagnes

    The Emperor Joseph II of Austria was an enlightened fellow, so they say, and he described the town of Spa in Belgium as “the centre of the civilized world". OK, that was back in the 1780s and he probably quite liked rain, but this gives you an idea of what the town of Spa represented before motor rac... [Continue reading]

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    Four and a half hours after the race...

    The Belgian GP saw a dominant Lewis Hamilton, winning his fifth victory of the year. We were there to report the race. We look at the new Concorde Agreement The sale of Williams Sebastian Vettel's situation We look back at Spa 1964 We keep up with the racing... [Continue reading]

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    We’re having another online Audience

    If you’d like to join in the fun, click here https://missedapexpodcast.com/joe/audiencetue14thjuly2020-dpdgs ... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from the Eje Pirenaico

    When you go to Barcelona using the same route each time, lovely though it may be, you tend to get to a point where you say: “Let’s try something different” and this happened to me as I pondered my return trip from the Circuit de Catalunya. If you are staying to the north of the circuit, as opp... [Continue reading]

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