Come and talk to Joe in London

    I will be hosting one of my Audiences in London on Friday, March 6. The event is open to all fans and will run from 7pm-11.00 pm. Food will be s... [Continue reading]

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    Time to catch a cold...

    Well folks, I know that a Wednesday (July 10) is not the perfect day for those people who work but then this is a great opportunity to catch a summer cold and be forced to take a day off, to come to London to attend an Audience with Joe, if you're not busy watching the Tour de France arrive in Col... [Continue reading]

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    Welcome race fans!

    Are you coming to Montreal this year for the F1 race? Just to get into the swing of things, why not come and meet Joe on Friday evening and ask all the questions you have about Formula 1 and the people in it? I've been covering the sport for more than 30 years and have known all the big names in t... [Continue reading]

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    Joe’s in town!

    In the run up to the British Grand Prix, the F1 circus is busy getting everything from Austria to Silverstone. I will be in London and will be hosting an Audience with Joe event at the Strand Palace Hotel, it is located at 372 The Strand, London, WC2R 0JJ. This is within walking distance from both Cha... [Continue reading]

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    Meet Joe in Montreal

    If you are going to be in Montreal for the Canadian GP, you might be interested in a night talking about Formula 1. I have long believed that it is important for F1 people to engage more with the the fans, to give our customers the chance to ask questions and to meet other F1 fans.This year I have reduced ... [Continue reading]

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    Come and talk about F1... in London

    With the F1 season fast-approaching, I will be hosting a pre-season Audience with Joe on Friday, March 16, at my usual venue at One Knightsbridge Green, SW1X 7NW - next door to the Knightsbridge underground station. This is the home of Prism, F1’s pioneering sports marketing agency,  p... [Continue reading]

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    Come and talk about F1... in Melbourne

    If you are going to go to Melbourne for the Grand Prix and want something to do on Friday e... [Continue reading]

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