Australian Grands Prix... and other stories

    Time moves slowly in a global crisis, or at least that is how it feels. It is only 11 days since the Australian Grand Prix was supposed to have happened, and it feels like an age ago. Unlike many of my colleagues, I did not rush home from Australia. The Bahrain Grand Prix was cancelled on the Saturday... [Continue reading]

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    A great initiative

    Oftentimes one despairs of the behaviour in Formula 1, where in normal times team bosses have often behaved badly in order to get a better result. Things have got better over time, as the sport has become more corporate and bad behaviour is increasingly frowned upon, but it is trulyheart-warming to see that a n... [Continue reading]

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    Thoughts on returning home...

    It is only a week since the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled. It feels like it was in another age. So much has changed. I stayed in Australia and even lengthened my visit because I did not want to return home and perhaps create problems for family members who were staying at home. Now the... [Continue reading]

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    You're GP+ magazine is ready for downloading...

    Well, that was a strange one. There was no Australian Grand Prix... - We look at why that was - JS looks ahead  - DT looks behind - We remember the exploits of March Engineering in Formula 1 in 1970 - Peter Nygaard didn't photograph any F1 cars running... ... [Continue reading]

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    Australian GP is off

    The Australian Grand Prix has been called off after Mercedes requested the event be cancelled. A joint statement this morning from the FIA, Formula One and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation confirmed the rumours overnight that the race wil not go ahead after a member of the McLaren Racing Team tes... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 100 - The Lion Heart

    Formula 1 has existed as a World Championship since 1950, but there were one or two famous names from the pre-war era who are listed as “Formula 1 drivers”, although there is no official definition of what a “Formula 1 driver” must have done to qualify for such status. One such... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 99 - Three weeks of disaster

    History has a way of isolating events from one another, leaving future generations to miss the continuity of events and thus it is hard to understand the atmosphere in a certain place at a certain time. This was certainly true of a three week period in 1955 when the motorsport world went through a traumatic per... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 98 - A similar tale...

    William Ronald Flockhart was tall, good-looking, fair-haired and something of a lady killer. He came from a comfortable background in Edinburgh where he attended Daniel Stewart’s College before going on to study engineering at Edinburgh University. After graduating he joined the Corps of the Royal El... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 97 - An extraordinary individual

    Charles and Frank Purley sold fish before taking over a small electrical repair business which they turned into the Longford Engineering Company Ltd manufacturing munitions at a facility on Longford Road in the seaside resort of Bognor Regis on the south coast of England, not far from Chichester. It w... [Continue reading]

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    Your GP+ season preview is ready for downloading

    With a week to go before the Australian Grand Prix, our season preview is out, giving all the latest insights into the world of Formula 1. - We talk to George Russell - We look at the finances of Formula 1 - and the impact of the coronavirus Covid-19 - We take a look at the new Zandvoort... [Continue reading]

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