28 October 2019

Five hours after the race

The Mexican Grand Prix was a great fight between the two Ferraris and the two Mercedes, with the four cars ending the race separated by just 6.3 seconds. But there were several different strategies employed, with the early leader Charles Leclerc opting for a two stop strategy, with medium-medium-hard tyres. Sebastian Vettel opted for a one-stop medium-hard strategy but ran 37 laps on his first set and then 34 on the hard tyres. Lewis Hamilton had an early incident with Max Verstappen but used a one-stop medium-hard strategy. He did only 23 laps on his mediums and then a massive 48 laps on the hards, while Valtteri Bottas used the same strategy and stopped after 36 laps, finishing the afternoon with 35 laps on hard tyres. In the end Hamilton won from Vettel and Bottas with Leclerc chasing them to the flag. Fifth was Alexander Albon, on his first visit to Mexico, who was in the mix early on, running third in the early laps. He did the same strategy as Leclerc but was held up after his first stop by Carlos Sainz and was never able to get back in touch with the leaders. Verstappen ended up sixth but was a 47 sces behind his team-mate, having suffered a puncture early on, which meant he had to stop on lap 5. He then drove 66 laps on the hard tyres, which was a good effort but it was still a flawed race. The fighting in the midfield was exciting with local hero Sergio Perez winning the fight to be the best of the rest, holding off Daniel Riccardo's Renault in the closing laps, while the top 10 was completed by Pier Gasly and Nico Hulkenberg after Dany Kvyat was penalised for shoving Hulkenberg into a spin on the penultimate lap. The result means that Hamilton has a lead of 74 points, with a maximum 78 available, so he needs just four points from the last three races to sew up the title.

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