12 February 2020

Chinese GP is postponed

As expected, the Chinese Grand Prix has been postponed – with replacement date nominated. It is extremely difficult to predict how the newly-named COVID-19 virus outbreak will develop in the months ahead but the number of cases continues to grow although the daily rates of infection seem to be slowing a little. The current official figure is more than 45,000 with 1,115 death. The majority of the cases continue to be in China’s Hubei province, but Japan now has 203 cases and Singapore 49. The spread of the virus has probably been inhibited significantly by the fact that the Chinese have largely stopped travelling and foreign visitors have been shying away from China in the last week.

"All parties will take the appropriate amount of time to study the viability of potential alternative dates for the Grand Prix later in the year should the situation improve," the Formula 1 group said in a statement regarding the Chinese GP.

It is believed that attempts to find a new date have already taken place but teams are not keen to try to fit in another race and it seems that an attempt to move the Russian GP to April and put China in September have been rejected by the Russian promoter. The word is that thre have been discussions of a race a week after Hungary but teams will not allow for a reduced summer break, while the idea of having a global triple-header going from Brazil to China to Abu Dhabi is rumoured to have also been rejected.

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