8 March 2020

Your GP+ season preview is ready for downloading

With a week to go before the Australian Grand Prix, our season preview is out, giving all the latest insights into the world of Formula 1.

- We talk to George Russell
- We look at the finances of Formula 1 - and the impact of the coronavirus Covid-19
- We take a look at the new Zandvoort
- We remember Tom Belso, John Andretti and Peter Argetsinger
- We profile the winner of the first Australian Grand Prix - in 1928
- DT goes to Bolton
- JS ponders the season ahead - or lack of it
- Peter Nygaard was down in Barcelona to capture all the new cars

If you don't know GP+, we think you should check it out. It's an 80-100 page e-magazine with everything you want to known about a Grand Prix weekend - all delivered around six hours after the chequered flag. It is a magazine that is right at the centre of the sport. We attend every race and actually know and talk to the people involved. The magazine is published in electronic form in PDF format, or as a flip-book, so you can read it on whatever platform you desire: computer, tablet, cell phone or online. And you can download it and store it in your own devices. We offer more than 270 magazines, going back to 2007 for just £59.99, which is a fabulous deal. A single year subscription is a bargain too at £39.99. Subscribers can download the magazine by clicking here.

Or for more information, go to https://www.grandprixplus.com

And if you'd like to help us spread the word about the magazine, you can go to @grandprixplus and retweet and comment.

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