9 July 2020

Two more races coming

The Formula 1 group is expected to confirm two more races on the calendar in the course of the Styrian Grand Prix weekend. These will be a race at Mugello on September 13 and the Russian Grand Prix at Sochi - on its scheduled September 27. This will mean that Mugello will be part of a triple-header with Belgium on August 30 and Italy on September 6. It remains to be seen whether Sochi will be linked to another event, but it is unlikely to be the case. It will be interesting to see how the F1 freight will get to Russia as it is usually a so-called fly-away race, with the equipment being transported in containers, rather than in trucks. Given the close links between the race and the government it might be the first post-Covid flyaway.

This will mean that F1 will have confirmed a total of 10 races and it is expected that further events will be announced in a similar fashion so that things are not set too far in advance, in case there are new hotspots of Covid-19 that throw a spanner in the works. This makes things a little more complicated in terms of logistics but it is easier to hav events using trucks rather than planes.

There has been speculation about Portimao in Portugal and it is possible that this can go later into October than rumours have suggested and it could also be that there will be a double-header, which would mean that the total number of races would rise to 12, meaning that the season could then be wrapped up in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi in November and December, taking the total of races to the all-important 15 events. However there are still possibilities in China, Vietnam and, so rumours suggest, Canada.

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