17 July 2020

Welcome transparency in F1

Formula 1 and the FIA have adopted a very transparent approach to the question of Covid-19 tests. Everyone involved in the sport is being tested every four days to make sure that any infections are quickly spotted and contained. We have now all got used to doing this and, believe it or not, it does become easier.

Today F1 and the FIA have now confirmed that in the last six days there have been a further 4,997 tests, conducted to add to a similar number in Austria in the week prior to that. They say that two people have tested positive. The people involved were not in Austria and thus it is safe to conclude that they were both tested in Hungary. All contacts that they have had in the F1 world have been traced and isolated. Although there are no details beyond that the word is that neither case involves anyone in front line roles nor anyone in the race teams - and thus there will be no impact at all on the racing and no reason for the sport to over-react.

This shows that the testing protocols are working and that the positive tests can be dealt with effectively, which is reassuring. It is to be expected and probably inevitable that there will be some positive tests in the months ahead as F1 continues to run races, but if the biosphere "bubble" philosophy works as it is designed to do, this should not impact the sport.

There are no specific details about the individuals involved but if they were not in Austria, then they must have been in Hungary and it is likely that they were either set-up staff or local employees.

The FIA and Formula 1 says that it will make the testing result public every seven days. 

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