30 July 2020

Perez waiting for a re-test

The big news at Silvestone on Thursday afternoon was that Sergio Perez has returned an inconclusive result in a pre-event Covid-19 test and was not at the track because he is self-isolating while waiting for the results of a re-test. The PCR tests that all F1 people are undergoing every four days detects the presence Covid-19's ribonucleic acid. This is done by placing the samples in a reagent which starts a chain-reaction and creates copies of the  genetic material in the virus so that there is enough that it can be detected and thus produces a positive result. The PCR test effectively identifies if someone has the virus but it is less accurate with regard to negative tests which are only aorund 80 percent reliable as there are sometimes false negatives if the virus is present but there has not been time for the infection to develop sufficiently to be identified.



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